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I Recommend Seto x Jou! - A FanFiction Recommendation Community

15th December, 2008. 3:25 pm. .:ART POST:.(fruchiseka)

Drew Jounouchi again, for fandom cheer!

Under here!Collapse )

My skintone letraset marker ran out, I actually nearly cried! MY BAAAABEEH!! :<

Feedback is welcome!


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7th March, 2008. 4:10 pm. [[Fanart Post]](fruchiseka)

I've posted here a couple of times before with fanart (2, infact XD) So here, have some more!

Media: Letraset Markers & Touch up in PS ♥

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19th January, 2008. 4:58 am. [[Art Post]](fruchiseka)

Hey, Back again ^O^ It's puppyshipping time! 8D

Kaiba was awkward to draw, nevermind. >.>

Media: Pencil & Letraset Markers
Time: 3-4 hours

Whaddya think?


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12th March, 2007. 11:14 pm.(kkm_vdaymod)

Hey I am new and I wanted to rec the following, "The Tempest's Wake" by dodger on Fanfiction.net.

The reason why I am rec'ing this is because of the originality of the storyline, and while the Seto x Joey-ness takes a while to surface and its an WIP, the author promises for puppyshipping by the end. So for now its a really good Yu-gi-oh story...that will turn into a cute puppyshipping story (I hope) so here it is.


Author: Dodger
Title: The Tempest's Wake
Pairings: At the moment, YY xY, but eventual Joey x Kaiba
Warnings: None really, Battle City AU
Summary:Seto Kaiba vanished after his shameful defeat at Battle City. Almost two years later, Mako Tsunami discovers a young man who has lost his memories. A brotherly bond forms between the two...but what happens when Mako's wide-eyed and innocent brother may be so terribly despised.

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4th September, 2006. 4:09 pm. Hello, recs from me(tyreling)

Hello, I'm tyreling... or Nekocin whichever.
I've just recently joined this community <33 and on my b-day as well. I'm quite sad that this community isn't really that active so I've decided to add my share. Hopefully... they're up to almost everyone's standards.

Err... I couldn't find my file where I've written all my favs, uhm, I'll edit this as soon as I find it!

Current mood: creative.

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25th May, 2006. 9:57 pm.(scratchingp0st)

well, i'm new, although i've lurked here for a while.. i'm not sure if this is allowed, and if it isn't, i'll take this down.. but if it is, i'd absolutely love it if someone could help me. x3

there was this one fanfic where katsuya is brutally murdered, and for some reason, from beyond the grave, chooses seto kaiba to track down his murderer by leaving ghostly.. clues? images? i can't think of the word, and it's been a while since i've read it.. but i think there was a major plot twist or something of the sort that had to do with mokuba.

i know it isn't "being dead ain't easy" by d. draggy.. which is a great piece, by the way. it's completed, but i remember reading it while it was still a work in progress. loved it then, love it now. i think it might have been mentioned here already. o.o

so yeah.. any help on how to find that one story would be greatly appreciated on my part. =3 thankies~!

Current mood: chipper.

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24th May, 2006. 9:26 am. JxK Search Group(swantongirl)

I've been a fan of jxk for a long while and i read this story a while back but i can't find it and it's been stuck in my head, so i was wondering if any one knows a search group for jxk fanfiction or if you know the story, this is what i remember:

seto has to tutor joey in some subjects and joey stopped by his house and brought pizza then he and Kaiba went upstairs to eat it because mokuba and noa were in the kitchen. before they were gonna kiss, mokuba
barged into the room and they flew apart but then seto grabbed joey
and kissed him anyways. Joey then gave him a flyer for a gig his band,
Blondes are Better, is playing.

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17th December, 2005. 12:31 pm. Fic: Guard Dog(ickaimp)

Heya! Um... Someone requested that the next time we updated our fic 'Guard Dog', we announce it here so...

Guard Dog, Updated

It's almost twice the size it was previously. ^^;; And, as usual, is a Work in Progress.

In the mean time, anyone got any good Jounouchi and Kaiba fics that they could recommend? ^___^

Current mood: giddy.

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16th September, 2005. 5:39 am. Where are you people?! O__o(snowgarden)

Title: Capture Me
Author: Rroselavy
Rating: NC-17
Status: Complete
Location: here

Sumary: [Author's] Seto Kaiba has always harbored a dark fantasy. When he confides his desire to his lover Katsuya Jounouchi, he is crushed by Jou's reaction. Little does he know what his puppy has planned ...

Title: Fact and Fantasies; A Reality Check
Author: Wicabeth
Rating: NC-17
Status: Complete
Location: here

Sumary: [Author's] Seto and Joey find that reality is never quite as magical as fantasy.

Personal favourite:

Title: How to Lose Your Mind in Five Easy Steps
Author: Dimitri A
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Kaiba/Jounouchi, Yami/Hikari
Warning: Lemon, BDSM, Toys, Humli, Rim, Oral, lotsa yummy stuff~
Status: Incomplete (damn it...)
Location: here

Sumary: [Author's] Some sinister force has caused the Yamis and Seto to lose it. Jou and the Hikaris suffer for it, forced to do whatever the other four want. When its all over is forgiveness possible?

Enjoy! ^__-

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21st April, 2005. 10:52 pm.(snowgarden)

Title: Nothing Suggestive About It

Author: Losing my Reflection

Tag: Complete

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: Lotsa hints and shounen ai references.

Summary: [Author's] Seto's showing Jou his newly redecorated office. There is absolutely nothing, repeat NOTHING, suggestive about it, right? Wrong.

Personal Notes: I usually don't go for PG-rated fanfics. I don't even know why I decided to read this one. But damn, this fic's so suggestive and yummy~ Unfortunately, it's quite short, too. But reading it is worth it.

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